Artistic Statement

I am a producer-director-writer-activist who works from and towards the premise that, in the words of playwright Wole Soyinka, “Theater is the most revolutionary art form.”

I love to curate or create work that is full of heart, simple connection, and polished beauty, juxtaposed with a gritty and aggressive feel that exposes the often-ugly underbelly of American society. Not only does that contrast speak to the heart of humanity, it serves as an honest commentary on our society. I want to shed light on the power dynamics at play in our nation and center the voices of those who have been historically oppressed. I believe that by privileging such a perspective, we can disrupt many of the imaginary, yet real boarders that tend to block empathy and unity.

Ultimately, I wish to participate in changing the landscape of the American Theater to not only create space for silenced voices to be heard, but more specifically, for other and multiple worldviews to emerge.