Artistic Values

I am a director and playwright who works from and towards the premise that, in the words of Nigerian playwright Wole Soyinka, “Theater is the most revolutionary art form.”

Playwriting and directing are my twin passions. I am drawn to plays that have a lot of heart, simple human connection, and polished beauty, that take a gritty look at the often ugly underbelly of American society. As a director, I want to tell the genuine stories that reflect the multiple voices, experiences, and perspectives in this country. I have come to the conviction, however, that it is not enough to select plays based on representational diversity, but that we need a diversity of ways of doing theater; as the content shifts, so must the form. We cannot expect a visual storytelling of diversity onstage to be honest if the people represented by a work are not instrumentally involved in the writing and creation of its production. I believe it is our job as directors to maintain the overall vision and structure while being a collaborator in the rehearsal room. We need to decenter the traditional hierarchical structure such that the stories brought to life are not solely from the perspective of the director from behind his directing table. Such transformative power of collaboration and equality has the potential to emanate beyond the play, through the audience, and into greater society.

As a playwright, I channel my creativity to challenge social conventions that perpetuate various systems of oppression. My writing focuses on the lived intersections of racism and sexism. As a mixed-race Latina, my plays are rooted in or draw from my non-monolithic upbringing and identity. I mix genres within a single script, breakdown assumptions of what defines a person or a people, bridge the imaginary yet powerful borders that tend to block empathy, and I always expose the complexity inherent in the question of what it means to be American.

Ultimately, I wish to participate in changing the landscape of American theater to not only create space for silenced voices to be heard, but more specifically for other and multiple worldviews to emerge.